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Golfsmith International Holdings Inc. was an American golf specialty retailer based in Austin, Texas. Each store, along with, housed a wide selection of golf clubs, shoes, apparel, gadgets, and gear from all the major brands as well as proprietary offerings. They also offered custom club fitting, lessons, and services for golfers. Founded by Carl and Barbara Paul in 1967, Golfsmith began as a custom golf club components supplier. As of August 2014, the company had expanded to comprise over 100 retail stores in over 20 states, selling golf clubs, performance apparel, skills improvement products, etc. Golfsmith generated net revenues of over $338 million in the fiscal year 2009. In May 2012, Canadian pension fund OMERS announced plans to take over Golfsmith for $6.10 per share, and the transaction was completed in July 2012. OMERS also owns Golf Town, the largest golf retailer in Canada. The two brands operated as Golfsmith International, the largest golf specialty retailer in the world.

A former customer shares his experience, "I will never order from Golfsmith again. They are disgusting! At least if you're going to give someone a used item then at least use new packaging! Have not tried item yet to see if it works. This was a gift for someone! This was not a cheap item! I just took it out of the UPS box to find a beat-up golf box! I Am furious. I trusted this golf store and thought ordering online would be fine! I was wrong! You just lost a customer that use to drop a lot of money at your stores!"


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AR Collections (Former Employee) says

"Company has since gone bankrupt and is no longer in business. The CEO of the company did not care about the employees and what they contributed to the company at all"

Senior Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Company is out of touch with how to manage hard working employees. Generating revenue was there only concern. Took away any and all commissions. No chance for advancement.NoneLifeless management, disgruntled employees, customer service was not a forefront operation"

Head Greenskeeper (Former Employee) says

"Was a terrible place to work horrible ocmmuniocation no strucutre and the managment was worthless. I hated every minute it was terribel"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Slow moving, bad culture, bad senior management, high turnover"

Assistant Buyer (Former Employee) says

"I had a new boss about every 4 months. With management and direction constantly changing, no one ever know what they were supposed to be doing. The systems at that time were really outdated. I got increasingly more responsibility without any pay increase or promotion. I finally got burned out and left.driving range on-site, vending machines take credit cardsinsurance was expensive, pay was below industry average"

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked for 2 years as a operations manager, then was promoted to Sales Manager after 6 months. The company is based out of Austin, Texas. Not sure if this is why they were able to make managers work over 60-70 per week without a break, but they did. Also rarely could take a real lunch break.The training is laughable. It takes place in Austin with an ex Male Cheerleader, yes male. He will show you the movie "FISH", that basically shows people at Fisherman Warf in Seattle love there jobs despite very low pay. It is much like a brainwashing session than anything. Most managers there will tell you stories of being the only one to open and close a store weeks on end without help or extra pay as managers are salaried employees. They will dangle a $500 bonus at you, then say we change the guidelines and will not give it out.Basically this is a greedy corporation that is trying to be biggest Golf chain in the US. But they are not because of their corporate greed and better managed competition.golfcorporate greed and taking advantage of salaried employees."

Sales Floor Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Poor management tried to grow to fast opening stores in bad locations and ended up filing for bankruptcy. Once bad management and poor decision making"

Merchandise Manager (Former Employee) says

"Avoid this company if you can. They are based in Texas and are cheap and steal your labor. They don't give breaks, they take back hours they promised you and they did it right before Chistmas. The upper management didn't take a hit at all. They got a bonus! Terrible employers!There are noneTerrible place to work"

Associate (Current Employee) says

"Once commission was taken the company went south. Never turned around. Stay away. If you want strong sales the salesmen need to be rewarded. Minimal raises were given to make up for no commission. I would have recommended Golfsmith to anyone and everyone about 5 months ago, but now i wouldn't even think about it."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"fun work environment, not enough hours to go around sometimes. Interesting to learn about new equipment. Dealing with customers can be a hassle sometimesemployee discountshort breaks"

Club Maker (Current Employee) says

"VERY lax security, managers care about nothing but their jobs (not even the customers), and care even less for their fellow employees. Every time I try to comment or complain about something, they chuckle and say something to the effect, "you work for us, not us for you." Oh, and they won't tell me who the next level manager or HR manager is so I can make a complaint.It is golf related...sort of.complete disregard for employee health and welfare."

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"New Building and Horrible Management. No one knows whats really going on and when they do find out it takes them like a month to fix it and by then something else has a problem."

Receiving Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The size and number of stores was too big for a golf retail to profit. It was enjoyable to work with customers and help fix problems for them so they were happy with the experience."

Web Merchant (Former Employee) says

"This is a poorly led organization in a struggling industry."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked with and learned from very intelligent and creative people. Leadership should listen to past and current employees. There is no accountability to low performers."

Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst (Current Employee) says

"1. The priorities and requirements keep changing, so one has to constantly juggle the responsibilities. 2. I learnt a lot about Retail business and there is scope to learn more. 3. Top management is aggressive and demanding. 4. Co-workers are cooperative and knowledgeable. 5. Hardest part of the job is to manage expectations of upper management and constantly deal with strict deadlines. 6. Its fun to work with the business.Free Lunches, Employee DiscountsNo Cafeteria, No gym/shower rooms"

Senior Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Best Co-workers, and great life balance at the company! A great learning experience also to learn about the retail business."

mgr. (Former Employee) says

"The culture involves heavy-handed and paranoid oversight of its game perksmicro-management style"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"General Manager did not care for his employees and routinely stepped over them to satisfy the customer. While it is expected that the customer is always right in the retail business, it would be taken out of hand in instances where the customer was a complete jerk.Not ManyPoor Management Led to Bankruptcy"

Sales Caddy (Former Employee) says

"Pay is horrible starting at 8 bucks an hour, oh but wait they said you get commission. That's a joke too, if you sell a 350 dollar driver you may get 2 bucks if your lucky."

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